Saturday, March 5, 2011

Grocery Game at Walgreens and CVS 3/6 - 3/12

I have a really awesome friend, Casey, who saves a TON of money each week at Walgreens and CVS. She always laughs about how they pay her to take stuff out of the store. She has graciously agreed to share her favorite finds of the week with us. There are a ton of deals at both stores each week but the deals listed below are exclusively what Casey, the coupon queen, feels are at a worthy stock-up price.

The only thing I would add to Casey's list is that honey is on sale this week at Walgreens. There is a coupon in the weekly flier allowing you to buy up to 3 32oz bottles of Walgreens pure honey for $3.99 each. This equals out to about $0.12 per ounce which is a pretty decent price for honey. Since we don't use white sugar in our house, we go through a lot of honey.  The weekly flier is the one that shows all of the items that are on sale for that week. It can be found at the front of the store or in the Sunday paper. 

Walgreens Deals
How to Shop Walgreens

It looks like a slow week at Walgreens but here are some of my favorite deals:

Pediacare Children or Infant $5 off
(At my store Children’s was priced at $7.49 and Infant’s was priced at $5.99)
-$3/2 Printable
As low as free to $.99 each

Coffeemate Creamer BOGO
(Price Varies Should be around $2.49)
-$0.75/1 Printable (you should be able to print two)

Select Aquafresh toothpaste $1.99
-$1.00/1 Printable (you should be able to print two)

Always Leakguard Pads or Dri-Liners Plus $2.99 With a $2 Register Reward Back
-$0.50/1 Coupons in the 2/27/2011 P and G Insert

There are lots of other deals at Walgreens this week but many are more than what I like to pay for these items. Here is my scenario for this week.

Transaction 1:
Buy 1 Always Leakguard Pads - $2.99
Use 1 $.50 off coupon (2/27 P&G or buy them online HERE)
Pay $2.49 + Tax OOP (Or use Register Rewards from Previous Week)
Get back 2 Register Rewards

Transaction 2:
Buy 2 Coffeemate Creamers BOGO - Projected Price of $2.49
Buy 2 Pediacare Children’s  - $4.98 or less
Use 2 $.75 off coupons
Use 1 $3.00 off coupon
Use 1 $5 off Pediacare Walgreens Coupon (found in the weekly ad at the front of the store)
Pay with Register Rewards from 1st transaction and you will pay around $1 with tax

Your total out of pocket will be around $3.50. Normally just one bottle of Pediacare is that! WHOOOHOOO!

Some things to keep in mind with register rewards.
  1. They are treated like manufactures coupons. So lets just say you have three profusion razors and you hand your cashier three manfacturer's coupons for those items. You will not be able to use a register reward to pay the difference because you wouldn’t be able to use 4 manfacturer's coupons on three razors. So you need what we call a filler item. (I usually look to pencils or something else really cheap.)
  2. Also register rewards will not roll on the same product. For instance, if you did the Always pad deal and then turned around and did it again and used that register reward to pay for it, IT WOULD NOT PRINT ANOTHER ONE. Which is like throwing money away. So if you wanted to do several of the pad deals or Pediacare deals you need to rotate. So Transaction 1 could be Pads, Transaction 2 Pediacare, Transaction 3 Pads,  Transaction 4 Pediacare.
CVS Deals:
How to Shop CVS

There is nothing decent at CVS this week! Seriously the only good deal is on Easter Candy and I don’t think that goes well with the THEME of your blog…LOL!

Thank you, Casey!!! You Rock!!!!


  1. If you are interested in the candy deal...(Hey, I won't judge you!)The deal is buy 4 bags of NestleNest Eggs at $2.50 each. Use 2 $.55 off coupons and $1 off 2 coupons. Pay $7.90 OOP and get $3 ECB's back. That's like paying $1.23 for each bag. Now if you have 2 printers you can print 4 of the $.55 off (2 prints allowed per printer) and save an extra $.10.

  2. LOL!! It is Easter coming up after all. E-mail me the links to the coupons and I'll post them ;)