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  1. I am new to clean eating about a year or so but really taking it seriously in the last couple of weeks. I am a mother of 2 girls and i am trying to introduce them to it slowly becasue already at such a young age have picked up some really un healthy eating habits. I found this website and I love your receipes they are soooooooo simple I can not wait to try some. I am really want to try your brown rice receipe because it never fails something happens, the phone rings or something and it never comes out the best so I can not wait to ty your receipe that is on my list to do tommorrow.
    thanks again
    Ontario Canada

  2. This is an excellent excellent blog!

  3. You are amazing! This is going to help me out tremendously. I am transitioning from our previous meal system; staring over with clean meals that can be prepared in advance, and or slow cooker meals. As a working mother of three teenage/preteen girls involved in sports and other activities, it is very difficullt to cook at all, let alone cook healthy, during the week. So excited to get started! Thank you for your hard work.

    1. Reading this made my night!! Thanks for taking the time to post this comment :) You know us moms, we love to feel appreciated!